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April 7, 1996

To Do Before Leaving for

To Do Before Leaving for Scotland, a list, by jo

  • Get new glasses

  • Go to the Muttart Conservatory with friends

  • Go to Fort Edmonton

  • Spend an afternoon with various friends

  • Find a way to get my cat to my parents - West Jet will take him for 40$ plus tax

  • Visit Jenn, Tom and Carla, my parents, and anyone else who takes it into their head to move to Vancouver

  • Get my Working Holiday Visa for the UK.
  • Price out plane tickets

  • Get rid of all the clothing I don't want anymore

  • Donate all the stuff I have sitting around waiting to be donated, including office supplies and furniture
  • Return various boxes of stuff to Barry, Kris, P.A.L.S., and Joe
  • Give the people who have laid claim on the rest of my furniture the stuff they want
  • Call the Student Trash People to haul away all the broken furniture
  • Wash the walls of the apartment clean - they are covered in various chalk drawings
Edit as of April 14, 2005: Found out the Heart and Stroke foundation will be very happy to take in my office supplies. Yay!

Edit as of May 1, 2005: Did a bunch of stuff this month, loved every second of it

Edit as of May 21, 2005: Sent off forms for Visa. Now all I can do is wait. And not spend the 3500$ in my bank account until there is a visa for me. God, waiting waiting waiting....

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