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I've run into a few cases of "Chinglish" here. There's the "Don't Smoking" signs everywhere, the cashier's sign that was "settie here", and my personal favorite: "Let the grassess's heart will go on". which I assume is supposed to remind the students not to run on the grass.

But, today I found the longest example of it yet. Please tell me what this movie is about:

An occurrence is in the Tang period of big side legend story that close:Guard frontier regions the Lee( ginger text) because of the defiance soldierReam, not wish some old man, womens of the captive of the butchery Turkies who have no the inch irons with the child but were list as wanted by imperial government, The Japanese Tang makes come the ( inside the well is expensive a)s because of often please return to country but were devaluated by imperial government for catch quick, be sent to Turkestan top arerest the escaped convict,Two people meet the empress, a war draw, hence roughly fight again,And here the hour, they meet head oned to meet with the imperial government company's b riga de,of the country Confucian classics the brigade's ground head the snake is peaceful( the king learn the ), had been saved by Lee's of will The solider's

Yes, all of that, as typed, is on the back of the DVD I purchased today.


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