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Although I'm still trying to avoid going online (and failing kinda... at least I have my laundry done, and swept and mopped), I had to post this because I thought it was hilarious.

Everyone here thinks it's cold during the day, although since it's snowing back home and close to -20 most of the time, I'm not seeing it as cold here at all. That being said, I'm wearing a zipper blouse and usually a t-shirt or something underneath it when I'm teaching. The blouse is black, and I'm beginning to regret wearing black while teaching. Every time I come near the damned board, I get chalk on me.

Well, yesterday during class I leaned over my desk to give a kid a hard time about not paying attention, and managed to lean right onto the chalk brush, leaving a nice chalk stain over my left... um, over my heart. *wink* The kids were all "Ack, teacher, you have chalk!" I tried to brush it off, but it wouldn't come off at all, so I shrugged and took off the blouse.

Pandemonium! Kids going nuts everwhere! My eyes got wide and I stared, then checked to make sure that yes, I was in fact wearing a shirt. I looked back at them, assuring them that I was wearing a t-shirt.

Then I heard what one of them was saying. "You're going to get cold!"

I just sorta smiled at them and reminded them I was from Canada, and that this weather is nice and warm for winter as far as I'm concerned. {Check out Raven's blog if you don't believe me. Let it snow, indeed....}

God, though, the way those kids freaked out, you would have thought I'd stipped naked....


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