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I find I dream more vividly in China. It's either that, or maybe I just have more time in the mornings to contemplate my dreams. I guess the fact that I don't have to immediately run out the door if I want to be at work for 5 a.m. helps a lot.

Some of my dreams are funny. I dreamt about Eric being in a biker gang with Hoffman, and I have to say they both looked good in the leather jackets. I dreamt about Barry wearing half a hockey mask, his hair wild and streaming around his face, then taking it off to remind me of something important.

But some are very very vivid, and those are the ones I hate. I work up in the middle of the night once, and actually thought Why would I think I was in China? What a silly thought. Until I rolled over on my bed, so completely different from the one I have back home, I really truly believed I was back in Edmonton. I was so afraid to move, to break that illusion.

It's not that I regret coming to China, but sometimes I wish I wouldn't dream while I was here.


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