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I keep thinking I should write something significant about the events of the day, but I'm not postiive about what to write.

The school hosted its first "Sports Meeting", which was a track and field event that the whole school participated in. The opening ceremony was equal parts fun and tedious. I didn't stick around past the first few runnings of the girls 100 meter dash, since I'm really not into watching track and field. But the energy out there was amazing, and I got a little orange flag out of the deal.

I never quite know what to think when I see something that's so similiar to home. I wonder if they copied it from us, or if they really want to have something like that. Today it was a small marching band. A bunch of kids done up all in white band uniforms, carrying trumpets and drums. They even had the white hats, like police officers. I'll admit, it seemed strange to see something so... hmm... Western, except with Chinese faces.

There were also balloons. Balloons with helium! Yay balloons!

Many tedious speaches were given, and it's nice to know that's a universal trait.

Two groups did performaces during the ceremony. One was a group of boys, who did a martial arts demonstration. They gave me the name of the style, but I can't remember what it was. I just watched, entranced. I love watching martial arts demonstrations, and I was disapointed that it was over so soon.

The second demonstration was dancing by a group of girls. Many many many more girls than boys, and this surprised me since there are so many more boys than girls at the school. The girls here seem to be more open and friendly, although that might just be because I'm a girl, and they feel more comfortable talking to me. Paul gets all the boys' attention at his school, so I guess this makes more sense.

Anyway, the whole thing would have been well suited to having pom-poms involved. I really loved watching it, even if there weren't any of the tricks that cheerleader types are supposed to do. Again, it's the energy. I don't remember ever having that much energy when I was there age, but I didn't have to run laps around the school twice a day, or do excersizes outside regardless of the weather.

After the ceremony, before the races, I was dragged everywhere by girls wanting pictures with me. My father will be happy, I went through two rolls of film in two days. I really have to get some of this stuff developed.

I should talk about yesterday, and the meeting with the overseas students from Nanjing, but I find myself strangely reluctant to talk about it. It was very strange, suddenly being around a group of Westerners again. They have this little community they've formed, and part of me wonders whether they exclude the rest of China because of this. It's completely wrong of me to judge anything based on six hours of time with a group of people, but part of me can't help myself.

I feel envious of them, because they have each other. But I'm happy to be here alone, too. I'm beginning to get used to it, and try and work my way around this isolation. {Can you both accept and work around something at the same time? I have no idea. Being in China is making me very introspective.}

I have plans for lunch tomorrow with some of the teachers, and next weekend is the Shanghai Blogger Christmas Thingy. {I'm talking about this way too much. But either way, I'm going to Shanghai, and I'm going to buy Christmas lights.} Weekend after that I'm going to Rudong to hook up with Paul and get taken to a bar. I've informed him I'm dancing. I don't care if he does or not.


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