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Laowai Power Make Up!

My Day, a list, by jo

  1. Got a letter from Scarecrow! Yay yay yay yay! Scarecrow is right, there's something extremely satisfying about getting a letter in the mail.
  2. Found out that most of the people I wrote letters and sent postcards to have received them.
  3. Found out that the reason Jeanne-Marie and Colin have not received their letters is because they're still in my coat pocket.
  4. Taught 120 kids how to sing "Auld Lang Syne". Did you know this song has four verses? I didn't. And two of them are partly in Gallic. On a related note, I find the way the Chinese sing English songs very endearing. There's something with the way they sing "forgot"...
  5. Remembered that I'm going to Shanghai next weekend for the Blogger Christmas Party!
  6. Got an invitation to the Canadian Embassy's Christmas Party which is on the same weekend, but sadly takes place late Sunday, and I don't think I'd get back in time to teach. *sigh*
  7. Saw a small black and gray cat going through the little courtyard on campus. I miss my cat.
  8. Discovered I cannot make any international calls on my home phone without a calling card. Which, on one hand sucks, because I can't call home even long enough to say "Please call me back!", and on the other hand is good, because it means I can't call home and turn into a sobbing maniac.
  9. Created a new threat for my coworkers: Don't make me use my evil Loawai powers on you! {Laowai = forienger} I, being a total loser, find this incredibly funny.
  10. Realized I wanted to make a blog post about my day, but didn't feel like putting into coherent sentences, so decided to make a list instead.

It is actually beginning to get cool here. It might even get cold enough to see your breath before Christmas. *sigh*


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