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No! NO!!!

So, they've been doing a lot of construction in Jiangyan. Which I find horrible because they're doing it so quickly. I have literally had landmarks torn down three days after I found them. It's horrible.

But today... ah... today took the cake. They've been doing renovations on my grocery story of choice, and I figured they were just expanding it. But no.

They're putting in a KFC.


Some of you know that I spent part of my formative college years working at a KFC. I feel like I'm being stalked here. Make the bad KFC go away.

Walking past the sign makes me crave a drink.

Which reminds me, I bought alcohol, but I don't know what I bought. It smells interesting, at least.

And, today I once again realized I could identify some of the words I know in Chinese on street signs. Not much, mind you, but I can see a few of the words now. Yay! Now, I just need to learn how to *speak* it....


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