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Sex Apples

Have I ever mentioned that I love fairy tales? Love them to pieces. I read rewritten fairy tales for adults, I read novelizations of fairy tales, I watch fairy tales redone on t.v., I read annotated fairy tales, I ponder the meanings of fairy tales.

This will become relevant shortly.

For some reason, my lessons for the Senior Students never last the whole 40 minutes. So, I started listing random questions in my notebook, to ask them at the end of the class. The goal is to get them thinking and talking. Most of them giggle their way through it. *sigh*

Well, the question that gets the best response is always "What do you want in a boyfriend or girlfriend?" Everyone giggles, the class starts pointing at the best potential mate for the person standing up, and the answers are usually interesting.

Today a boy stood up and proudly said "Sex Apples".

The very first thing that popped into my head was Snow White. I'm certain it's not the first thing that popped into your head.

Turns out he was intending to say "sex appeal".

Ah well. I wanted to increase traffic to the site anyway...


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