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Too Canadian

I continue to be too Canadian to be allowed to travel outside of my country. But then, exactly the same situation has happened to me at home and I've sat there and taken it, too.

I got completely taken for a ride on a cab fare today. I am too embarrassed to write out the details, but I'll sum it up as I paid about 3 times as much for a cab ride in Nantong than I should have. I feel like such an idiot.

I thought for part of today that if I were just more comfortable in China, if I could speak some decent Chinese, or even survival Chinese, I'd be okay. I would have been all assertive, and insisted on paying the proper fare. But then, as I said, the same thing has happened to me in Canada.

Anyway, my luck in meeting English speaking people when I need too has continued, and I was okay getting to Nantong. I had to go through... um... Hiaean? Hian? Um.... some nice looking city. And then I got another bus to Nantong. Unlike the last time I travelled to Nantong, this was a much shorter trip. And I ended up with the same buses both ways, which I found amusing.

But I just feel so stupid!


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