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I added something to the site, an "About" page. Because, you know, it's Tuesday, and everyone knows how bad Tuesdays are, right?

On an unrelated note, I've been advised that a bunch of teachers from other schools will be sitting in on one of my classes on Friday. Hurrah. Can you sense the sarcasm? I can sense the sarcasm.

There's a sports meeting on the weekend. Almost every kid I run into has asked me if I'm really going to it, so I guess I'm really going to it. *smile* Paul went to the one at his school, and he said it was really interesting. Lily tells me I have to go so I can shout "Come on, Come on! Faster faster!" at the kids. Eh. But I've been *strongly* advised to take my camera, so I'll take my camera incase my father kills me if I don't. *laugh*

I keep thinking I should say something significant, but really, I can't think of anything. Today I taught. I made a kid cry, because he was reading in my class, and then tried to lie about it. I didn't mean to make him cry. He had pushed the book into his desk, and when I told him to give it to me, he handed me a magazine. I just looked at him until he gave me the book, and that's when he started crying. *sigh* I mean, bad enough he was reading, why lie about it? Do I look stupid? And I can't even properly reprimand the kid, because he only understands about 1/10th of what I say.

That's what I find frustrating here. I can't talk to the kids, not really. I mean, half the teachers don't understand most of what I say. How can I expect the kids to? For someone who's used to talking all the time, this is a weird experience. Between that, and the fact that I'm not getting hugged, I think I might go insane before I get home.


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