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One of the things living in China has taught me is how little a common language is necessary for having a good time with someone.

I just came back from the on-campus supermarket. From what I can gather, it's run by a large family, but I love each of them. My favorite is the father, and we've mutually decided to run away together one day, as soon as he can get rid of his wife, and I can turn Chinese. It's a lovely arrangement we've made through pantomime, written word, his faulty English, and my occasional few words in Chinese. Every time I'm in there, I laugh.

Today when I was in there we danced, we laughed, we talked about Shanghai and Christmas, I met his wife (in that he pointed her out and kept making sure she wasn't looking when he blew kisses at me, much to the amusement of the rest of his family), and I took a bunch of photos. I also bought more Christmas stuff, and was advised that I like cola a lot. In fact, they've started just pulling out two 600 ml bottles of coke whenever I show up, so I just buy it even if I don't want it. Heck, I see nothing wrong with having a stockpile of caffeine in this place.

The family there is wonderful, and even though the majority of them speak no English (the grandmother laughs every time they can get her to say "Hello"), they manage to always make me feel welcome there.


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