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Well, I'm back from an excellent weekend spent in Rudong with Paul, and greeted with many wonderful emails and things to read. I am very content with the world.

For those of you who asked, I got an email from my brother's young lady friend today. She tells me that my dad is doing great, and he'll be home on Monday. I can't tell you what a load that is off my mind. I don't know what I would have done if something had happened while I was here.

I tried practicing my Mandarin while visiting with Paul. At his school, he has a woman named Lily who helps him out, and she's very... hmm... blunt. I tried to say "Open the door!" and she laughed at me, so I guess I got it wrong. Ah well. I'm proud of myself because I can say "trouble" with the best of them. ma fan. Yay me!

I'm so happy-tired, I just don't have anything fun or interesting to say. I hope everyone else had a great weekend, too.


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