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So, after politely implying that I didn't study enough this week, my Chinese teacher asked me about Christmas Eve.

"Do you have any plans for tomorrow night?" she asked.

I blinked, a bit confused. "No.... Why?"

"It is Christmas Eve."

"Oh! I'd forgotten completely about it!"

Which, honestly, I had. Even though I had 150 children remind me multiple times yesterday, without the constant "It's Christmas" cues from the rest of the world, Christmas Eve had slipped my mind.

"I have plans for dinner with friends," she told me.

The light dawned. "Ah, okay. Then I'll see you next week. I promise to study harder this week!"

So, yeah. I've gotten a few Christmas cards and the like, and my teacher gave me a scarf. Really, it's just a non-issue. But I'm looking forward to multiple phone calls from home in the next couple of days, since everyone who has my number assured me they'd call.


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