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So I gave my Senior One students a quiz today. The concept of "This is a quiz" seems to have passed them by, as many of them were giving the answers out. I had one kid just hand his sheet to a girl and tell her to fill it out for him.


Joke's on them, though. Since none of them bothered to think, they all got the first question wrong. Every single one of them. I'm suitably impressed.

Anyway, I went to KFC for supper again tonight because I had missed supper. The girl behind the counter knew very little english, but knew enough when I asked for Coke to say, "Is Pepsi okay?" I found that interesting.

I'm very anxious about Christmas here. I can't figure the etiquette at all. My Chinese teacher told me she got me a present, so I bought her a box of nice chocolates. I have no idea if that will be acceptable or not. I know that Christmas is supposed to be about the thought and all that, but China makes me so uncomfortable....

Speaking of uncomfortable, I had my first kung-fu class today. I am old and weak.


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