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So I walk into my office and four of my workmates are sitting there drinking yogurt out of a drink box.

Yogurt. To drink. This is wrong.

I stare at them for a moment as they continue to talk in Chinese, and then I finally snap:

"Lily, yogurt isn't a drink! You don't drink yogurt! You eat it! With a spoon!"

She looked up at me, takes the straw out of her mouth, and says: "We don't have spoons in China." Then she went back to drinking her yogurt.

I had to concede her the point.

So I've actually now had drinkable yogurt. It's not as thick as it is back home. I picked up a one liter container of strawberry, and poured it into my brand-spanking new happy face mug.

{BTW: Kris, I bought myself new happy face mugs. Yay!}

It tastes a bit like a milkshake, really. I ended up enjoying it. I could definately make sure that I get my calcium intake this way. But don't tell Lily I said that, because yogurt is supposed to be eaten. With a spoon.

Editor's note: Of course, now I keep thinking "There is no spoon." I'm hoping someone quickly comes along and kills me.


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