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Woo hoo! I'm now at cold 3.5 since arriving in China a mere two months ago. And I'm going to be on a bus for Shanghai in less than 24 hours! Go me! *laugh*

At this point, I am sick to death of teaching people how to sing Jingle Bells. It's my own damned fault. I could have chosen to ignore the existence of Christmas, but I decided to bring it up in every class. So I've now taught 1500 people to sing Jingle Bells. I know by next year I'll be able to love the song again (it was the first Christmas song I learned how to play on the piano), but right now it's evil.

I'm drinking much hot water, and I'm beginning to feel better. I've got to stop ignoring the people who tell me to drink more hot water. They're completely right. It always makes me feel better. How strange.

So, my advice to everyone today is: wear more clothes and drink more hot water!


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