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And Lo! The Anna's life was exciting and interesting, without the constant /

dullness of movies and t.v. /

And thus the creators of movies and t.v. were displeased /

And they send into The Anna's life Paul /

A temptor from a land down under Australia. /

And thus, The Anna was tempted /

And went on a quest to buy a DVD player to fill up her hours with the /

tedium of movies and t.v. //

And thus did The Anna gird her loins /

And place upon her head the Toque of Bravery /

And place on her shoulders the Borrowed Jacket of Many Deep Pockets /

And she went into the Forest of Many Tall Buildings /

Where she did not speak the language /

And attempted to buy a DVD player. //

And The Anna entered the First Store /

And there, the Persons of the Store looked at her in amazement /

Fascinated by her Toque of Bravery. /

Her attempted to express her desires were misunderstood /

For The Anna forgot her Translator. /

After many long minutes of attempting to express her need of the /

tedium of movies and t.v. /

The Anna was forced to admit defeat.//

And The Anna entered the Second Store /

And discovered quickly that this store did not sell /

DVD players.//

And The Anna entered into the Third Store /

And she climbed the Stairs with Many Many Steps /

And she found the DVD players /

And she expressed through pantomime "Remote Control?" /

But this was misunderstood. But instead, she was /

given a demonstration of the DVD player.//

And the Anna saw that it was good /

And said that it was good /

And it was good. //

And then The Anna waited.//

For although The Anna had paid for the DVD player /

And had seen the DVD player /

And had watched a music video on the DVD player /

The DVD player was not for her. //

So, basically, I waited around for about an hour, with people saying to me in English, "Just a moment please." I got fairly frustrated with myself, again, for not being able to just wake up with Magical Chinese Language Knowledge in my head. Even just the ability to read the characters would be useful at this point.

Then someone led me into a back room and down many many stairs into a back alley, and there was my DVD player. I was happy.

I went out about bought 50 RMB worth of DVDs, which is less than 10$ CDN. (I accidently picked up some VCDs, too, and I've discovered what the difference is.)

So, I own Harry Potter I and II, Titantic, Scorpion King, and what was allegedly Return of the King, but if it is they've really done some very scary things with it. I'm gonna wait till Paul shows up with his copy and watch it then.

The whole saga where I had to hook it up is much more entertaining. Because, of course, the instructions are in Chinese. I made a few valiant attempts, but finally gave up, and started trying to find someone who would help me. When there were finally people in the English office, I explained what I needed, and they started calling workers and the like, and I'm just staring at them, saying, "I just need someone who can read Chinese!"

Finally Ing listened to me, came up to my room, and we got the thing working. The remote is all in Chinese, but Ing pointed out all the important things on it. And I got the menus turned into English, which helped me a lot, too.

So, yeah, DVD player. I fell asleep last night watching Harry Potter. I can feel my brain beginning to rot already.


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