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If I were at home right now, I'd be getting ready for the wake.

Every year, Raven hosts an "Old Year's Wake" on January 1st, to mourn the year that has passed. Around midnight or so, everyone stands in her basement holding a candle, and says something about the year that has passed.

Last year I talked about how 2002 was, by far, the worst year of my life, and was glad the bitch was dead. I was so afraid that 2002 would chase me that I was willing to leave the country to get away from it - the first real annoucement that I wanted to get the heck outta Canada.

This year... If I were there this year (through the magic of teleportation, of course), I'd be saying this:

2003 was the year I finally told the rest of the world to fuck off and did what I wanted for a change. I'll always look back at this year with fondness. May he rest in piece.


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