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I'm getting a bit better at buying things at your average store. (Problems with buying DVDs aside.) The few words I know in Chinese are suddenly becoming useful. Words like "green" and "up".

If you're curious, the Chinese for Coke is "Co-ca-co-la", or so the nice people at the supermarket keep telling me when I say, "Cola?"

I'm sick to death of cafeteria food, though. I just want to scream rather than eat it. If you think it's something to do with China, it's not. Cafeteria food is awful the world over. In fact, I'm certain that some of these meals are exactly what we were eating at AUC.

So, I've come to a big scary foreign country, and what do I eat when I get hungry?


Yup, cup of noodles.

They come with all these extra things you can pour in, but I'm actually afraid of some of them, so I haven't used them yet.

I do eat a lot of the "breads" here. (When they say "bread", they mean pastry.) The one I really like is filled with rice. It's kinda sweet, very mushy. Yummy and filling, if nothing else.

When Paul comes up we're going to do a tour of some Chinese restaurants here. I feel strange eating out by myself. It's enough that I'm stared at when I'm walking around. Having every bite of a meal I'm eating watched with interest by the staff is just too weird for me.


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