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These beautiful stone lions

Male Lion
These beautiful stone lions are everywhere in China. It's quite normal to see a pair of them at the main entrance to public buildings. This one is male, as you can tell by the fact that he's holding a ball in his paws. The female ones have a small baby lion instead. (Oh, a baby lion is a cub. Yay google.)
My understanding is that the male lions hold a ball that symbolizes the world, because men are supposed to work in that sphere, whereas the female ones hold a cub, to symbolize family.
Can you imagine something with such blatent gender roles in front of every public building in Canada?

I know, not much to say about the stone lions. Sorry, I'm a bit unfocused today, since tomorrow is when Sin City opens! Sin City! Yay yay yay!!!!
I'm sure it's quite shocking to anyone who's met me that I want to see this movie. I don't like violence, at all. I've walked out of RPGs that had too much violence for me. But gah, am I ever a fan of Sin City comics. They're violent, but in a way that makes sense in the city. I never feel there's violence in these stories just for the sake of violence. It's there because it's necessary to the way the story works. I didn't mind the violence in Wicked City, either. And no, I won't link to Wicked City. You've either seen that anime and have been scarred by it, or you haven't, and may be happier that way.
But, Sin City! Aaaaa! AAAA!!!!
I watch them watch me I watch them too Across the street across the room I dress myself like a charcoal sketch My eyes are brown and my hair's a mess

They annoy me those who employ me
They could destroy me
They should enjoy me
We eat Chinese off our knees
And look for each other in the TV screen

The sun goes up and the sun goes down
I drag myself into the town
All I do I want to do with you
Everyday I'm at my desk
At my desk I'm like the rest
All I do I want to do with you


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