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Him: So, how's the decluttering

Him: So, how's the decluttering going? Me: Shut you. Him: That good, huh? Me: I have too much stuff. Him: Isn't that the point of decluttering? Me: Shut up.

I am seriously considering either a) taking all the boxes in the closet and just tossing them in the dumpster to get rid of them or b) setting up a box out on the street that says "Please Take" and see what happens. Except it would get soggy, because there is snow out there.

At least the books to India are off. Margery came up on Friday and nabbed them from me, which I greatly appreciated. I'm rather amused by how they're getting to India, though. It's to expensive to ship things overseas like that. But, AUC is sending a group of students this year to India, and each of them will be taking a bunch of books in their luggage to send along. I'm not quite sure when they're leaving, obviously after the school year is done, which is good. Because after sending a monitor box full of books with Margery on Friday, I filled another (much smaller) box yesterday, and am starting on another one today. Go me.

A lot of stuff is earmarked for the woman's shelter. The extra dishes and cultery and stuff, as well as some board games I've got kicking around in a closet. I'm going through my clothes terribly slowly, and a bunch of that will be dropped off as well. I feel like I'm not advancing at all in this project, but I must be, right? *sigh* I want to get rid of all of this stuff so badly. I know it's tying me down in a lot of ways, but it seems like I'm never going to be done this, ever.

Things I Found In Decluttering My Home, a list, by jo

  1. Several balls of different types and colour of wool, which, put together, would make a very small scarf
  2. One knitting needle
  3. A half-completed scarf (green and purple) that is not on a knitting needle, but strung onto a pencil crayon
  4. An empty Easter basket (x 2!)
  5. Several very nice gift bags
  6. ID tags and name tags from several different places, each with a different name on them - not always mine
  7. Bubble Wrap
  8. Christmas wrapping paper from my childhood that I just refuse to part with
  9. A huge bag of paints for minifigs
  10. A Go board - it took me a lot more looking to find the stones that went with it
  11. A bicycle repair kit - I don't own a bike
  12. A stack the height of my hand of pink (pink?) envelopes
  13. A bag of flour - which would have been useful to know I had when I was baking bread, and had to go out at 3 a.m. to the nearest convience store and buy really expensive flour to finish the damned bread
  14. An awful lot of useless McDonald's Toys that I don't want or need
  15. A mismatched collection of both Collectible and ... not Collectible Card Games. None of which actually add up to an entire game
  16. Presents I bought people in China but never gave to them - For Raven, Kent, a whole bunch of kids in my life, Josh, Hoffman, Jenn and Kris' mom, which I am listing here so if they see their name, they will harrass me into giving it to them
  17. Enough clothes and books to start my own Used Clothes and Books store
  18. Poker Chips - but no cards
  19. 2 crayons
  20. Candles - millions and millions of candles

I have no idea where half of this stuff came from. I swear, when I'm not looking, it breeds in the corners.

Does anyone see anything they want? I'm at the point where I'll spring for shipping, should someone not in Edmonton want the stuff. I just want it out of my house, and can't come up with a good place to put it.

(Well, that's not true, my box for the woman's shelter is getting quite full.)

I keep telling myself that soon, soon, I will have less stuff, and my house will be back under control. This weekend, I'm going to a friend's house with all of my clothes, and we will spend two days doing laundry and playing with her computer and talking about boys or something. It'll be fun. And when I'm done, I'll have less clothes, and they will all be clean, and I'll be happier because of it.

It's good to have a plan. *grin*


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