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I was talking to a

I was talking to a friend today about his final week at school. "I don't want to go to classes," he says. "They feel like interupting time I could be spending on my essays."

God, I totally feel like that right now. I don't want to go to work because it's interupting time I could be spending getting rid of all this damned clutter. I have too many things. And I am drowning in a sea of boxes.

I actually had to remind myself today that there is never going to be a shortage of file folders. If I suddenly find a need for file folders, I can go out and buy them again.

"But!" said myself. "I have these packages of file folders that have never been opened! I can't give those away! It would be wrong!"

"Ah hah," I said. "That just proves you have too many that you don't need. Put them in the Give To Charity Box, woman."

And thus, they are in the Charity Box. I haven't found a charity yet that uses hanging file folders, but I haven't looked very hard. If anyone wants any hanging file folders, do just let me know, I have a box of them. A big box. A very full big box.


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