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Oh dear. As most people

Oh dear.

As most people who read my blog know, I work graveyards. Like most people who work graveyards, I don't sleep in a nice 8 hour chunk. However, unlike most people who work graveyards, I suffer from really weird insomnia. I have a hard time sleeping on the days I work, and up sleeping 16+ hours on my days off. Not 16 hours in a row, that would be easy. In these really weird chunks.

The problem comes in when I get phone calls when I'm sleeping. I used to be very clever and turn my phone off when I was sleeping, but I stopped doing that for some... surely terribly clever reason. I have no idea. Anyway, I *know* I got some phone calls over the past two days from people I know... but I a) can't remember who and b) don't remember if I'm supposed to call them back or not.

If I'm supposed to call you, could you email me and remind me? *blush*

Gotta go to work now. Yay tired.


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