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So, my email is down

So, my email is down for at least another 30 seconds, which has ended my attempts to send emails. Thus, I shall blog instead. (This is yet another lovely way to avoid cleaning my home, can't you tell?)

I am feeling terribly guilty because I blew off a friend today in the hopes of getting more of the junk out of the apartment, and spent most of the day dozing or chatting online with friends. But after everyone else went to bed, I finally started on going through the 8 million pieces of paper scattered around my living room.

So, I gathered them up and started putting them in my lovely filing cabinet. And discovered something terribly disturbing.

The only pieces of paper I keep in my filing cabinet, except for my tax information, are gaming related. I have the character sheet for every character I've played since I left my parents place 10 years ago. I have every single submission for Fade. I have every piece of propaganda I was ever handed for any LARP since I moved here. I have multiple file folders for every live game I ran, and every tabletop game has at least one, if not two.

Someone save me! I'm drowning in Role Playing!

Does anyone else do this?

Related to this paper avalanche, I have a ton, a freaking metric ton, of blank paper. Lined, unlined, in purty colours, parchment, whatever. Tons of the stuff. Gah. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do with it?

And unrelated:

One of the conversations I had online when I was avoiding doing work was like this:

Dexx: They've got a celtic festival that started this weekend..
Dexx: I'm wearing a kilt.
Trouble: Right now? Cool!
Trouble: Is it your Utilita-kilt?
Dexx: yup... so comfy it feels like it should be illegal.
Dexx: kinda... breezy out this morning...
Trouble: As long as you're comfy.
Dexx: very... gotta get a couple more.
Dexx: Utilikilts had a booth at the festival.
Dexx: They were selling them like crazy...
Dexx: and after each sale, the guy shakes your hand and says "Welcome to the utiliclan." then a cry goes up of "There goes another free man!".. kinda odd, but fun...
Dexx: It's kinda odd - we walked from the skytrain to sheena's place - I've never been checked out so much in my life.. even coming to work women were checking me out..
Dexx: heh.. manager just came in.. did a double-take..
Dexx: apparently the dress code here is no shorts, but kilts are cool
Dexx: But since women can wear skirts, men can wear kilts.
Trouble: Kiltlift...
Dexx: or you could just ask...
Trouble: Well, true.
Dexx: but I suppose that takes the fun out of it..

IOW: Tom is very happy in Vancouver. Which is good to hear.

I guess I should get back to trying to get through this sea of paper. *sigh*


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