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I spent a lot

I spent a lot of time taking pictures of Chinese lanterns like this one. I had this idea of putting them all in black frames and hanging them on my wall. No, I haven't done this, I'm lazy. But it means I do have a lot of pictures of lanterns.
They do have them everywhere, they all look different, and some of them are far nicer than others. Unfortunately, I don't have any other ones scanned in right now.
I do, however, fondly remember Lantern Festival. If I recall correctly, it's about 15 days after Spring Festival, and it's... kinda crazy. *grin* Granted, I did it in Jiangyan, and Jiangyan's definition of crazy is probably different than anywhere else. But I remember the crowded streets and the way that everyone was letting off firecrackers and fireworks, and there were sparks everywhere, and part of me kept thinking about how nothing like this would be allowed to happen in Canada, with so many children running and screaming everywhere while these sparks went off. There was so much energy and so much light and noise, it was everything I think should happen on New Years Eve, except in the middle of February. No fears of evil spirits now. *grin*
I find a lot of my memories fading away, which I really regret. It takes staring at the photos to remember now. I wish I had taken the time to write more of my thoughts. Yes, I have my blog entries to look back on, but a lot of them aren't terribly personal. I wish I had more stuff that was just for me, you know?

In other news, I got some lovely and encouraging emails after my last post, which made me feel a lot better. On top of that, just making a decision made me feel a lot better. I sorta knew I'd be going, I guess, but it was always something I'd put off talking about, thinking about, acting on. I wanted to do it, but I just wouldn't let myself. There's still a lot of this feeling that chosing to go overseas again is a bit of "I don't wanna grow up!" act, but I'm getting over that to. Everyone makes their own choices. This one is mine.
Unrelated to that, my favorite Rapscallion comes home soon. Which is mostly interesting in that I apparently agreed to bake him bread for the day he comes home. Which, granted, sounds like something I'd agree to do, but I'm a bit fuzzy on the conversation. Can I just say now that asking me to do something in the middle of the day is a lot like asking someone else to do something in the middle of the night? I'll probably agree to just about anything to get someone off the phone so I can go back to sleep. Oh well, it'll be fun, and I get to bake bread, which I really enjoy doing. Plus, there's the added appeal to my ego of, "But Anna, I really missed your cooking. And baking. And your bread. Especially your bread. Will you make me bread?"
Of course, I have The World's Easiest Bread Recipie. As the author calls it, Fool Proof Bread, tested by an elite cadre of fools. And who doesn't want to make something that includes directions like "Punch the dough like it's your ex. Then punch it again for good measure, he deserves it." *grin*
Hmm.... What else is going on in my exciting life? Well, I have a to-do list of things I need to do before I can leave the country. It's under revision, of course, and I'm fairly convinced that I'm going to forget something terribly important, like turning off the power in my apartment or something. Since I'm still dealing with the bills that were run up in my name when I was in China, I'm a little bit concerned. Even though I'll actually be leaving the apartment, and never coming back, thus not leaving anything on in my name for any room mates to deal with, I'm still kinda haunted by the whole thing. If you look at the list and notice anything I forgot, please do tell me.
Speaking of lists, I joined 43things some time ago. I'm rather strange that way. Basically it's a list of things you're going to do (up to 43 of them, fancy that), and you can see other people who have the same things, track your progress, stuff like that. It's kinda interesting, in a very meme-y sort of way.
Since I'm being a bit of a link whore, I thought I'd add that I have a couple of things up on Work or Spoon.


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