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From Shani's Blog Jojo, one

From Shani's Blog

Jojo, one of our longtime servers at Jekyll's, has been hit very hard lately. She was one of the residents at The Arlington, and she was home when it went up. Jojo spent two days in the hospital for smoke inhalation, and has lost everything. Amanda is asking for donations of clothes, furniture, food, linens, kitchen utensils and tools, toiletries, as well as any financial contributions to help get Jojo back on her feet. You can reach Amanda at the Jekyll's Pub at: 426-5381.

My comment:

Shani, I'm gonna post this on my blog, too. Also, I just called Bo (anyone can talk to him, too) and they can't take donations of items right now, because Jo doesn't have a place to stay yet. However, what I'm doing is giving them a list of things I *can* donate, along with my phone number, and they will call me as soon as they can take the stuff in.


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