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I saw Sin City! I

I saw Sin City! I saw Sin City! I saw Sin City!

It was violent and gory and ugly! There was torture and blood and guts and gore and more blood and castration and that's not even counting the bits with the eating of people. I saw probably less than half of it, and actually had to leave the theater for about three minutes during one scene (Tom warned me, and he's a good judge of what I don't like), but I loved it. I loved it!

Lots of violence, lots of gore. Oh so appropriate. Heaven only knows why someone who has a standing rule of "Don't discsuss violence in front of Anna, it makes her sick" is such a big fan of these stories. (Of course, the advantage of reading them in a comic instead of watching them in a film is my eyes tend to skip right over the violent pictures and focus on other things.)

I will admit, since I am such a fangirl, that I noticed that one of my favorite lines was missing. "And if you're going to keep pistol whipping me like that, you should do it with the butt of the gun, not the barrel. You're going to warp it."

Let's see, I should say something other than Yay! Yay yay yay!

Um... Let's see. The cinematography is outstanding, with both the bright splashes of colour and some subtle uses of it that are very powerful. It's amazing. I think they did an excellent job of recreating the comic on screen. It's remarkable.

Jessica Alba can't act her way out of a paper bag. Gah. Also, one would think that the stripper would, at some point, actually take off her clothes, but I guess not. Oh well, it's not as bad as it could be, in that she at least looks incredibly sexy. But damn it, Nancy Callahan should actually get naked. *sigh*

(Unrelated comment: When I was thinking about this earlier today, I kept thinking, You know, I can think of friends who would have done a better job of that part, and would have looked damned sexy taking their clothes off, too. Then I thought, I probably shouldn't mention their names in my blog, though, because there's something a little creepy listing random friends that you want to see naked on the big screen. Man am I strange some days.)

It was violent to the point where there were audience reactions to the violence, and at least one girl left the theater in tears. Which I can understand. I was prepared for it. I knew where to close my eyes.

Oh, oh, I am totally going to go see this again. In fact, at least twice. I was so afraid I'd be disappointed in this, considering how much I've been looking forward to it, but I wasn't.

Goldie. She says her name is Goldie. She smells like angels ought to smell.


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