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I'd like to start this

I'd like to start this entry by saying that my current boss is not nearly as undertstanding as my last one about me walking into the office and saying 'Lesbian Ninja Pirates! With monkeys!' first thing in the 'morning'. Whereas the last one just smiled and nodded, this one wandered into his office and closed the door, and refused to talk to me about striped socks for the rest of my shift.

Which is really just an interesting opening for me to explain that lately I have loathed work, and am just dialing it in. I really feel that I'm losing my interest in the whole idea of working at this place anymore. Part of that is the whole "Going to Scotland and leaving this place behind forEVAR!", but a lot of that is just the sheer boredom and tedium of my job. I add things, then write the numbers down on a piece of paper. All night. Sometimes it's even the same number over and over again.

I just think the whole thing is part of a greater symptom, though. I'm alternately anxious about going to Scotland (which includes such gems coming from my mouth as "But... but... I don't speak like Scottish people, no one will understand me!) and counting down the seconds till I can blow this popstand. I know I'm going. It's a statement of fact. Now it's just playing the hurry up and wait game, and that's always frustrating, and it makes me doubt this is the right decision some days. I mean, what if I go there, and they all... I don't know... wear oatmeal for hats or something?

(I have no idea why it was less scary to go to China, except perhaps that no one in China could look at me and think I'd know what was going on. In Scotland, right up until I open my mouth and prove I'm Canadian, a lot of people will think I'm stupid.)

The whole thing just doesn't feel real yet.

Of course, then there's the whole conundrum with my eyes.

As I mentioned before, my glasses broke, and the nice eye people gave me some disposable contacts so we could determine if I can wear contacts or not. Of course, with my right eye being completely useless (thus, as a Lesbian Ninja Pirate, I am totally getting an eye patch - with rhinestones!), they've had a lot of problems "fitting" contacts to me. And I'm really beginning to question which way I want to go.

I mean, there's the whole issue where my face feels lighter (a lot lighter - my glasses are heavy!), I have peripheral vision, and in close situations, my eyes seem a bit better with the contacts. However, my night vision is shot to hell -- I can't read a lot of glowing signs because the light blurs together, and everything is a bit mussed up from a distance. My eyes are also really dry a lot of the time, but that's been getting better as I wear the contacts more, so it may not be a factor to consider.

In terms of cost, I seem to recall that it comes down to basically the same thing for a pair of glasses versus a year's supply of disposable contacts.

The answer would be clear to me (unintended pun) if I drove. There's no way I'd drive with these contacts. But I don't. I don't have issues with a computer screen, which is the main function of most jobs I've had in the past... um... 7 years or so. So, it's a really tough choice for me.

I'm going to stop by the eye people tomorrow and talk to them. It may really come down to which is cheaper. But I don't know.

See, these are my conundrums. Isn't my life great? *grin*

And in yet more unrelated to anything else news, I finished The Hundred Secret Senses, and am basically bookless right now till I get something new, unless I want to unbend and read that wretched Bridget Jones' Diary to the end.

Somehow, I don't think so.


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