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Things I've Learned in the

Things I've Learned in the Last Few Days, a list, by jo
  1. One of my friends feels that "the common fig tree" is far too common for him, and he must be presented with an uncommon fig tree post-haste.
  2. One of my friends doesn't mind being used as a "ball" in a game of keep-away.
  3. One of my friends has a very World of Warcraft sense of humour. He makes a good dwarf.
  4. One of my friends needs to take a light narcotic in order to spend time with me.
  5. Trying to make something sound less crazy by saying "I'd do that!" tends to backfire.
  6. I can't trust one of my friends in the kitchen. Ever. EVAR. At least not if honey is involved. Or peanut butter. But let's not talk about the peanut butter.
  7. My friends won't talk me out of hair-brained schemes.
  8. My purty new pen won't write well on postcards, but if you cover the writing in tape, it works okay.
  9. No one will talk me out of making a voo doo doll out of one of my coworkers.
  10. Don't trust Don with the books. Any books. Because he will either leave it behind in someone else's car, or pack it up in a box and give it away when I'm in the middle of it. Stupid Don.
In Other Words: Having a wonderful time. I really want to write a big long entry about the Muttart, but most of what I have right now is "Muttart good, then went to sleep."


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