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Scarecrow and Episode III

Well, I did go see Episode III this afternoon. (Or, I guess, yesterday afternoon for the rest of the world. I love working nights.) I'm not going to say much about it here, except that John Williams is an amazing composer.

I mention it because I went with my friend Scarecrow, and suddenly realized it was probably going to be the last movie the two of us saw together. Which is kinda appropriate for several reasons. The first movie we saw together was Episode I, when we stood in line for tickets, my CD player blasting the soundtrack that he had picked up earlier that day. We went with a huge group of friends, and it was the experience of seeing the movie, rather than the movie itself, that I enjoyed.

After that, we started meeting every so often to go see movies in the city. Mark is a huge movie person, follows them with a passion. He keeps me updated on projects that I might enjoy seeing, tells me what's going on in the latest Star Trek franchise, and generally doesn't let me only see "artsy fartsy" movies when I go to the theater. He's probably responsible for almost every movie I saw in a "main stream" theater over the past few years.

It's been the main part of our friendship, and something I'm really going to miss.

It's kinda beginning to hit now. There are people that I may never see again. I have life plans that will keep me out of Canada entirely for at least five years. I have been unwilling to plan beyond that, but I don't really see a future where I come back here to live. And people move on and change and do exciting things and have babies and live their lives, and things drift apart, and it's sad.

I'm eager for that future, that five year plan, but I can't help but look back right now on the people and places I'm leaving behind.

So, yeah. Thanks, Mark, for making me see Spiderman 2 in theaters, and I'm sorry I giggled through the entire wedding scene (but that dress was fugly, dude! How could you not?). And I'm really glad I didn't listen to my own instincts, and went with you to see Finding Nemo, cuz that was the first DVD I bought in China, it was so good. It's been a lot of fun. I'm kinda glad the Star Wars franchise seems to be ending here, because it wouldn't be the same seeing the next movie without you.

(If you want to know my thoughts about some issues in the movie, please read my live journal post. I'd love to get some responses to my thoughts there. But it has spoilers in it. And it's not a review.)


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