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A Cornacopia of Love

After accepting this position (I am now Assistant Night Manager at a hotel), I got offered two other jobs today.

Isn't life weird?

I'd say more, but I haven't slept much yet, and I work tonight.


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Didn't you quit being a night manager at a hotel in Canada so you could escape to Scotland?

Glad you have a job, though! Hope your co-workers are good... and even if they aren't, at tleast they'll have amazing accents, right?

Naw, she was a night auditor before..subtle difference. Now she gets to tell some people what to do and gets blamed for everything that goes wrong. (Not that I'm at all cynical about hotels)

Wow..Stealth Anna has been promoted to Assistant Manager!

Ah hotels. Why do I always get the impression that I never want to ever work a job at one of those places?

Happy Canada Day dear. (I'm aware that today is still the 30th, but by the time you next check, it ought to be the 1st).

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