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Random Day

Hmm... unsecured wirelss connections are my new best friend.

Today is Random Day.

Number of times I've walked with a male friend down Whyte Ave this week: 4
Number of times we've been stopped by a panhandler and told what a beautiful couple we make: 3
Number of these men I've been dating: 0

British money is funny looking. The smaller denomonations (did I spell that right?) are smaller bills, too. Holly thinks they look like play money.

I got my nails done on Tuesday with my friend Mel, and now I can't type properly. But they sure do look purty.

I managed to schedule myself to be in three different places today. I suck.

If I were just moving across country, or even across town, I would be doing great. I think I have less than a small u-haul worth of stuff left to deal with. Unfortunately, I am moving across the planet, and I can only bring something like 25kgs with me. This is causing my no end of problems, but on the other hand, I have a lot less stuff. And I will admit, I'm a lot happier because of it.

But... even after getting rid of something close to a ton of books (boxes and boxes and boxes of them have already gone, and I have four or five still kicking around), I still have a whole packed bookshelf to decide what I'm taking, and what is being given away. *sigh*

Still alive, still kicking, and looking forward to my weekend.


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