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I have had a really good couple of weeks. I've been out for beer and lengthy conversation with Barry, had a yummy lunch with Kristi, got my nails done with Mel, had dinner at Joe's place with Crash, Linette, Kristi and Linda, had dinner with Raven (where we talked... and talked... and talked... *grin*), went out to see the Leg grounds with Scarecrow, played DDR (twice!) with Kris, and had a bunch of fun people over yesterday for bread and movies. Not that we watched any of the movies, but the intent was there. *grin*

In a few short hours, me and Rip will be winging our way to Vancouver. I'll spend a couple of days with my parents, a few days with Jenn, and a couple of days with Tom. Then, next Sunday, I'll be on the plane to Scotland. I managed to get my luggage to about 1 kilo over the weight limit, and I think I'll just cope with the 7$ charge. As the Worst Packrat Ever (please understand, I had been carrying some of this junk around since early high school), I'm very proud of getting everything I'm bringing down to just over 20 kgs.

I'm kinda anxious about this, but at hte same time... damn, I'm so excited! I'm gonna live in Scotland! *squee*

I probably won't post while I'm in Vancouver.

I guess I don't need to be getting the weather report for Edmonton anymore, eh?

Take care, everyone, I'll let you know when I hit Glasgow!


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