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In a desperate attempt to settle my stomach, this blog post will not in any way refer to the fact that I am going overseas and have to get rid of all of my worldly possession in the next few hours. Not at all. Even a bit. In any way.

Instead, I'll just respond to a bunch of comments that I've been too lazy to actually email people in response to. I kinda suck that way.

In no particular order:

Laura: If you promise that you'll get Tall Man dressed up as nice as he was at that one Untitled game, with the top hat and everything, I would fly back from Scotland to see it.

Star: The only mandarin I remember may be less than helpful. Does Aria need to know how to say "I'm not American, I'm Canadian!" and "I have no money"? Cuz I can do that. I can also teach her how to sing "Brother John" in Mandarin. It's a song about tigers, though. One has no ears and one has no tail. It's very strange.

Wally: I really don't have ten minutes to rub together... but I could find it if the right man asked... *wink*

Raven: Oh, I don't think you'd want to be my wife anyway. There are so many shineys in my house you'd forget to crack the whip. Speaking of which, I found my whip. (Or is it Kristi's whip? I can't remember.)

Ben: Oh my, I didn't notice your comment till now. I suck. I have a whip, someone must crack it so I remember to email you. When I have more than ten minutes to rub together. See earlier comment.

Crash: Yes, yes, sending off the paperwork and getting everything ready is the point, but gah! Gah! GAH!!!

Gail: I'm getting to Scotland by plane. The question has been how I'm getting my cat to my parents' place, as the quarantine stuff in the UK is insane, and my cat would go nuts. He is, in fact, the devil in a tidy cat suit. (I did look at going over by boat, since I hate flying, but that's not economically viable.)

*thinks* Was there anything else? Nothing I can really think of....

Oh, yes. In unrelated news, my Visa arrived today.