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I have a new theory.

The city was not built on a hill on purpose. Oh no. The city was built under a cloud on purpose.

They tell me it's been very nice and sunny lately, which makes me very sad. Because it hasn't been. At least, not by my standards. It has been raining every night, which has been pleasant. People have been complaining about the heat. I'm very content with the weather right now, although I've decided that the use of an umbrella is really a waste of my time. It's not raining quite enough to bother.

Today I spent the morning on a walking tour (for free!) of the Royal Mile. It was a very interesting tour, about 2 hours of walking up and down the street. The girl who led it explained what the closes, wynds and courtyards all are. Closes were built for a horse to get through on its own (probably before the stairs were put in). Wynds were for a horse and cart. And I can't remember the courtyards.

She told us a bit about various places, but it was really just enought to whet my appetite. Which is probably the point. It's a great tour if you're just interested in an idea of Edinburgh, and an interesting starting point for those of us who are obsessed with the human side of history.

Some of the stories were quite grotesque, about people being hanged from the roofs of buildings, about how sewers were handled, witches being tossed into lochs, and evil merchants having their ears nailed to a door. She mentioned a few of the royal murders (apparently the blood of David Ricco can still be seen in Holyrood Palace), and pointed out where Mary King's Close is. That place was apparently walled up during the plague, and when they finally reopened it the place was haunted. There's a ghost tour that claims it's the most haunted place in the world, and I'm almost tempted to take it.

We did the obligatory mocking of Braveheart, and apparently the father of the man who runs the hostel that I'm staying in was one of the group that stole the Stone of Destiny from England and ran around with it in the back of a car for four months, trying to keep ahead of the police and the army. I really need to do some more reading.

I went to the Library yesterday, and left in a foul mood. I need "official" letters to prove that I live in the city. Which, of course, I can't get until I get something with a bill. *sigh* Maybe when I sign my flat lease, that will suffice.

But, they are hiring people to work in the Library. Part time on weekends. I could do that, and be very happy, since as someone pointed out, travelling on the weekends could be a bitch, but working a part time job on weekends and a couple of shifts during the week could be very useful.

My afternoon was spent hunting for jobs. I intended to spend part of it looking at flats, but I found out that I'll need a bit more money than I actually have to apply for one. I am certain there's a viable solution to this problem, but I haven't come up with it. (I mean besides "Dear mom and dad, please send money, hugs and kisses, Anna", because they would kill me, and then hide the body. Or maybe hang it from a tall building. Or something.)

I've been trying to sound cheerful over all, but I'm going to admit to a bit of a sense of despair. I know, I'm pushing it, but I hate being unemployed, and I've been here since Tuesday and why don't I have a job yet? It's stupid, I know, but I'm just so anxious.

On top of that, I'm a bit lonely. It was so stressful the last two weeks I was in Edmonton that I didn't really get to enjoy it. I had a great time in B.C., but it just sorta made it more obvious that here, I don't really have anyone to talk to yet. I'm still settling in. And I really feel like I never get any privacy. So, I'm lonely, sharing a room with 7 girls I don't know, in a hostel known for partying. I feel a bit out of place.

Monday, I will start to look for a flat and stuff. I think I'll spend the weekend doing touristy stuff, and writing cover letters for the few jobs I've seen where you can't apply online. Maybe I'll do the ghost tour....


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We love you Anna. I wouldn't worry so much, things will turn out fine. Go on your ghost tour, it sounds like a lot of fun.

Of course, the simplest solution for proof of living there is to mug the nearest passer-by and steal their identity, but I would never suggest that you do anything illegal. Never.

Yay! I'm glad you're safe and that you've settled in and stuff! Glad to hear from you, Jo. :)


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