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So, I think I may have figured out the traffic issue.


This is my theory: First, the cars going north-south go. Then, the cars going east-west go. Then, when none of the cars are moving, the people get to cross the street.

Maybe. I think.

I just follow the little green man. I know there are a lot of people who cross before the little green man says they can, but I'm not brave enough yet. The streets are scary when the cars are coming from the wrong direction.

But, yesterday overall was a really nice day. I'm a bit anxious about being unemployed (still), but really, I only started looking for work yesterday. I'm just freaking out because I can. I had a job interview today where I demonstrated that I can type 84 WPM with a 96% accuracy rating, and I can use Word. So, hopefully that will lead to something. They emailed a couple of my references.

And I finally started meeting a couple of people here in the hostel, and going out and doing something. Mike, who is from South Africa, can't remember my name so he just calls me 'Canada'. I also met a pair of sisters from Ottawa (one of whom spent some time working in Gimli, which is where I was born), and a couple of other people. We're making jokes about how there are no actual Scottish people in Edinburgh, or at least none of us have met any. *grin* The whole idea of making a lifestyle out of living in foreign places really appeals to a lot of people. Although I seem to be the only person here who doesn't drink or use other recreational drugs.

Last night we went out to a bar that has a free movie theater. Basically, you just tell the bar what you want to watch of their list of DVDs, and they show it in their 50 person theater. It was 4 Weddings and a Funeral, which I didn't like at all. (I have a thing against movies where someone waits till their fiance is at the altar to say "Oh, I don't want to get married".) But the bar itself is just surreal. It takes up half this "basement" section that includes several "dungeons". They were filming a music video there last night, so I didn't get to see the whole place.

Speaking of recreational drugs.... There was a very very very attractive and half naked young man there. mmmmm. He was wearing tattoos, a kilt, and a pink mohawk. *grin* And a lot of sweat, since he was dancing around like a mad man to some drum beats. Very nice.... And high as a kite.

It's been an interesting day today, too, and not only because of the job interview. I went to the "New Town" for the interview, and checked around there for a few things. Found a very nice bookstore and tried to remind myself that I couldn't afford the lovely books. *sigh* I also got to walk over the Waverly Bridge, and checked out one of the many "closes" that lead off the High Street, which is where I'm living right now.

Basically, a close seems to be some sort of walking street. There are several dozen off of the street, and they all have interesting names. The one I ended up walking up (with its millions of stairs, god I'm going to be thin by the end of the summer) was called "Advocate's Close". I know a lot of them have a history to them, which you can find out on the walking tours. I can't wait to take one.

It's been a nice day, and it isn't even 5 p.m. yet. I think I might go out and do something all Scottish for the evening.


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I'm having problems with this whole reference thing. Somehow I don't think it would be helpful to say "Yes, I love Anna. One time, I flashed her...."

Mwah! Glad you made it safely to Scotland ...and I'm horrible jealous.

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