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Not at my Best

You'll have to excuse me I'm not at my best

Dear god am I ever not at my best. Carrying the majority of everything I own down several streets older than my country is rather exhausting.

I've been gone for a week
I've been drunk since I left

Well, kinda. I mean, everyone kept offering me alcohol.

These so-called vacations
Will soon be my death

Espcially since the airline I came across on kept reminding us several times during the flight where the emergency exit was, and made us fill out contact information for next-of-kin on the back of our boarding passes.

I'm so sick from the drink
I need home for a rest....

But, I'm okay.

I really haven't had time to absorb the fact that I'm in Scotland yet. It seems just... too much to think about yet. I've been more focusing on figuring out where I am, and where I'm going next, than at looking at much. Once I found a hostel for tonight, I dropped off my bag and just looked around a bit. Found the post office, found the internet cafe, bought a couple of postcards, and checked out at least one very attractive young man in a kilt.

Very attractive. Mmmm....

Where was I? Oh, right, Scotland.

Anyway, I took a train this morning from Glasgow. (Scarecrow, I took a train! And it was great!) I saw sheep! And cows! And sheep! Lots of sheep! And... and... a golf course surrounded by sheep! (No, really.) The train was incredibly quiet, and I got to Edinburgh in about an hour. Both train stations are larger than some towns I've lived in.

I see a lot of Canadians (or at least people with Canadian flags on their backpacks) in the area, which is interesting. I suspect I'll run into more at the hostel tonight. It's kinda surreal... the thing I liked about the hostels in China was the variety of countries people were from. (Well, that and having a game of Chinese chess with a guy from Japan and a guy from China, both of whom only had broken English as a common language.) So far, I've run into people from Scotland, and Canadians.

I can't get over how friendly everyone seems to be here, though. I don't know what I was expecting, but I've been getting a lot of help from people. I'm not sure if it's the guide book, the accent, or the general looking lost that's helping me here. *grin* But, I'm not complaining.

I've discovered that they sell cherry coke in cans, and that the coins over here come in a variety of confusing shapes and sizes.

The cab driver that took me from the airport to the hostel in Glasgow hates the "Bloody British" and the "Stupid Americans". So far, I've been told five times that it's great that I'm from Canada, and not the States, cuz they're all stupid. Oh, and the cab drive thinks Edinborough is evil.

I think I need a rest again... Or at least to find that mobile phone shop everyone's been pointing me to.

Take care!


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