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Anna Fall Down the Hole...

Note to self: Just because a boy is pretty (and he is definately pretty), it does not follow that he can make food. I think Eduardo is trying to kill me.

Of course, I occasionally think a lot of people are trying to kill me.

Long time readers of my blog may recall that, when I was in China, I fell into a hole. This is much worse than it sounds - I fell almost up to my hip, and there was nothing beneath me yet. I had bruises still for at least three months, and I must have really damaged something because I can still feel the spot I hit when I run my hands over my thigh. It sorta became a joke, though, because what idiot falls into a hole in the middle of the street?

Well, here I am, in Scotland for just about the same amount of time, and I fell in a hole.

Not nearly so bad this time, and all I have is a scraped knee to show for it, but the whole thing is just silly.

Espcially when you factor in that I fell into *another* hole yesterday. (Okay, stepped into a hole. This one was a square hole that I would assume one would use to put up blockades on a road or something. It was nicely in the middle of the crosswalk, and I stepped into it and almost fell. It's not a big hole, just 3 inches square, but I managed to find it with my stupid feet.)

I guess I'll have to wait till I hit a third country before I find out of this is a pattern or not, but it strikes me as being very appropriate. It's like "Ah, yes, this is home now, because I fell down."

The rest of this entry is me ranting about work. Feel free to ignore it, as I just need to rant.

*kicks work lots*

Bloody freaking *hell*.

First, it's the heat, although that seems to have made an attempt at breaking. They tell me it's the hottest summer on record or some such nonsense. All I know is, I hate any weather that can be measured as above 25 Celcius. I am a wuss. Drop me in -40, and I'll take it much better than this stuff. There is no air conditioning in this hotel.

Second, it's the damned computers. Last night, the computers went down at 12:30... around about the time I was just figuring out all the mistakes in the system I would need to fix in order to run the damned audit. They were scheduled to come back up at 5, but didn't come back up till after 6. After I finished fixing various things, I finally got the system running the actual audit at 6:50 a.m. My shift is allegedly over at 7. I was so annoyed. Not that I stayed late, but that the system was down for so long. I mean, c'mon. There was *nothing* I could do for 5 1/2 hours except not shoot myself. I do not handle boredom very well, especially paid boredom.

And it's been one of those weeks where things that never came up during the time that Kenny was here have come up in droves. People wanting to check in and out when the audit is running. Foreign Currency Exchange (Euros look neat). System outages. It's just... yay, toast, you know?

And I *still* haven't gotten paid, which makes more sense if you know that a) I'm paid weekly and b) I was supposed to be paid Friday. I have no idea what I'll do if I'm not paid this Friday, because I need that money to do pesky things, like pay rent, and buy Harry Potter books.

And... and... it's *hot*, and I hate hot, and I hate being expected by the porters to know everything about their job, which I haven't been trained on, and damn it, why would anyone who was checking out at 4 a.m. not think to warn the front desk that they were, so I could have had everything ready for them?

*stomps foot and whines*

It's not that I hate working nights, or hate this job, or anything like that. It's just been a bad few days at work, and I'm looking forward to them being over soon.


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If you hate not-working and being paid, never ever work for the federal government. You'll go batty. I am, sort of, and I like getting paid to do nothing.

*big hug* *kisses you on the tip of your nose* It's okay, dearest. So you fall in holes. You'll have to visit me here in New Hampshire, there's a nice hole in the driveway that I've tripped in numerous times so it's perfect for you. *smile*

I hope you're okay. And I hope you get paid soon... I mean, not being able to get the Harry Potter novel? That's evil! Evil, I say!

*big hug*

I miss you, Jo. I hope you're all situated sooner rather than later so you can IM me again, I miss chatting with you.

Rob, aka Tangent

Oh, by the way... Maritza Campos gave birth!!! :) :) :) Here, baby picture! :D http://www.livejournal.com/users/maritzac/42960.html


P.S. - Sorry for the broken link in the previous post's name... this one is fixed.

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