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Blue Revolutionist

Attention Friends of Don M.

Although normally a very clever man, Don is less than able when it comes to the intarweb.

I pointed out to him several weeks ago that his email account still had a reply to: field that lead to an email address that he cancelled at the beginning of June. He meant to fix this, and apparently failed.

If anyone out there has replied to an email of Don's without changing the email address in the reply to: field, he hasn't gotten it. He's not just ignoring you, he probably thinks you're ignoring him. (Okay, not anymore, because I just reminded him *again* that he hasn't changed it, and this time he swears he has. Really.)

IOW: Don is not being a jerk, he's just having troubles with his email.

(Raven, could I trouble you to post something similar on your blog? You know more of Don's friends than I do, and I'd feel bad if they thought he didn't care.)


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