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Book Meme

Did I mention that I get very bored at work? Right now, Kenny is doing the audit, which leaves me with.... um... nothing.

So, Meme!

It's about books, which is a subject dear to my heart right now because I have so few. *pines after her beloved book collection*

1. How do you organize your collection?

Oh, does that fit here? Excellent. Next book, please.

Basically, I cram as many books into a space as I can, since I tend to have limited bookshelf space, and many many books. Right now, I have all my books (so few *sobs*) sitting in a stack on top of my bookshelf.

Oh, I tell a bit of a lie. I like to keep my RPG books together.

2. What books or records do you keep separate from your collection for easy access?

Whatever I am currently reading, basically. Right now, I've got my HP books next to the bed, my copy of Truth Until Paradox in the bathroom, and The Time Traveller's Wife in my purse.

3. When you take down a book for reference, how long after you finish with it does it take you to reshelve it?

It usually stays down until I get around to cleaning the house. Which, since I am lazy, is as rarely as possible.

4. What resource do you keep separate from your collection because you don't want anyone to know you have it?


Because I'd totally post that to my blog.

I tended to keep the Knights of the Dinner Table stuff away from my main collection, partly cuz Kris and I were constantly reading them, and partly because I hate to admit that I'm reading something so poorly drawn. Cuz as much as I like KotD, it's really poorly drawn.

Oh, and my copy of Faery Meat.


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