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Semi Mythic

I didn't mention it earlier, but I've finally made it to the Semi-Mythical Only Gaming Store In Edinburgh. It was no where near where I thought it was, and it's a bit of a question if I could make it back there again (without assistance), but I did make it in.

Basically, I've hooked up with a group here called Orc, and two of their members were willing to take me there last week. Orc itself is interesting... not quite what I was expecting in a gaming group, but part of that is because it's summer, and a lot of people aren't around. I had a lot of fun last week, testing a game called A|State and talking to the game designer about it. It was nominated for quite a few awards last year at GenCon, and this year the publisher is doing demos.

{Dear Friends Going to GenCon: Please check it out. Malcolm is very fun and full of energy, and you'll get a sexy kewl poster. Hugs and Kisses, Anna.}

Anyway, after being lead a long long way by two of the guys at the club, I finally got to the semi-mythical Black Lion Gaming Shop.

And there's one really important thing to say:

Oh my god, it's a gaming shop where the owner *likes gamers*.

I know, I'm shocked and awed, too.

PS: And they carry Brawl! And will bring in Girl Genius! *dies*


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Just a note to say I really enjoy reading your Blog! Not sure how I managed to stumble upon it but i'm glad I did.


Just to add further compression to the Semi-Mythical Universe: my own game, Death's Door, will be on the shelf beside A|State at the forge booth. Say hi to Malcolm from a fellow indie game designer!


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