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It's My Birthday! (Where's my Presents?)

A few minutes ago, my staff (who are wonderful, and entirely Polish right now, which can be very surreal) called me into the back for something "very important". Since Pavel, who I adore with a passion but who makes "high strung" look like an understatement, was the one saying this, I figured it would be something about a fax, or whatever. Something Important, but not End of the World.

It was Birthday Cake!

(Well, it was a chocolate and strawberry Birthday Tart! with a strawberry on top.)

They sang me Happy Birthday, and I felt very special.

Last year at this time I had been back from China for a couple of weeks. I was just falling back into old friendships and meeting interesting people. I felt very out-of-place in dealing with people from Edmonton. On the one hand, I wanted to talk constantly about China. On the other hand, I hated being asked constantly about China. It was a really strange feeling. It was like I should be something, rather than actually being something, if that makes sense, which I suspect it doesn't.

This year, even though I'm in a foreign country, far away from the people I'd like to be sharing this time with (Damn it, Crash, why am I not hanging out with you and your woman today?), I'm feeling a lot more comfortable in my skin this time around. I mean, what's there to prove? I'm the latest in a long line of foriegn people working for this hotel. My entire regular staff other than Kenny are from overseas someplace. The only thing people here ask me about is why I would want to see a castle so much. I don't feel the need to be anything here, like I did last year.

Of course, it was a conversation this time last year that lead to the whole "I wanna go to Europe" thing. My favorite Rapscallion had taken me out for Gilato. I can't quite remember how we got there, but a promise was extracted that I would get Gilato in Italy on my birthday at some point in the next few years. And it's so much easier to get to Italy from here than it is from Canada.

My big plan for my birthday was to go to Paris, but due to the Bank Account Issues, I'm not going today as planned. I'll still be going to Paris for my birthday, just not on my birthday. Instead, I'll be going to a Scottish Evening thing at work (for free, so I can sell the thing), which involves haggis and lots of free wine. And lots and lots of pretty pretty boys in kilts.

Which is, of course, the whole reason I came to Scotland.

(Well, and the sheep.)

Don't forget, you can send me really cool presents and postcards (and apparently mooses) to:

Joanna Pearce
Box 225
12 South Bridge

(Hmm, the people leaving the hotel just wished me a Happy Birthday. Yay!)


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*big happy hug* *smooches ya!*

Wish I had something real I could give ya... *hug*

Rob, your loony wolf friend

It's in the mail! Less than a week in too. I really want to see the postal workers' expressions. It would be priceless.

Happy birthday! Just to be redundant ;)

*looks at the rubber duckies sitting on the shelf*

Do you REALLY need more ducks?

Happy birthday, darlin. Hope you have a lovely day..er..had.

Happy Bird's-Day Two Ewe!!
Happy Bird's-Day Two Ewe!!
Happy BIRD's-Day Deer Anna!
Hippo Bird's-Day... Two Ewe!

There. It ain't a Moose, but I hope it'll do.

Dang - I've _really_ gotta go mail stuff, now.

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