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I will leave the squeeing over my birthday for a few minutes at least. *wink*

So, my paycheque, and why I am having trouble getting one:

It seems that Head Office, which is some mythical location Somewhere In The UK (maybe), has decided that my maildrop (aka post office box, that place where everyone should be sending me super-kewl birthday wishes) is not a good enough address for me to receive a paycheque. Yes, that's right, I need a flat in Edinburgh before I can get a paycheque, which I also need before I can get a bank account, which I also need before I can get a flat.

It's giving me a very nasty headache.

So, Super Amazing Super Kenny (and I'm not just calling him that because he occasionally reads my weblog, really) did something, I don't know what, and I do have a paycheque, along with a notice I need to fill out with an address that is not a maildrop. Because apparently it matters so damned much where I live in this city.

The new problem became cashing said cheque. Because, of course, I need a bank account to cash the cheque (with a 5 day hold on it), and I need a flat to get a bank account and it all goes around in a lovely circle from there.

All is not lost, of course. Through a complicated twist of events, I do actually have a street address now. But I'm rather pissy that I'm supposed to be paid weekly, and the whole thing is getting held up because I listed my pre-paid for six months box number as my address. It was good enough to get the job, why is it not good enough to get paid?

We'll see what happens Friday. If I keep getting jerked around like this... well, this isn't the only hotel in the city by any stretch of the imagination, and I keep getting this rather odd job offers for call centers that I haven't actually applied for.


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