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Riot? Oh, why not, it's Canada Day

This might be a bit of a disjointed entry because I'm at work. Just waiting for some programs to finish their run, and hey, there's internet at the front desk! *grin*

It was kinda strange walking to work tonight. As probably most of you know, the G8 summit is being held in this area, and the Make Poverty History March is being held on Jul 2nd. There are quite a few protests planned for this coming week, and the city has this feeling of bucking down and waiting for the storm to hit.

Most of the businesses in the area I live in right now are closed for the weekend, one of them writing on thier sign "so our employees can go to the Make Poverty History March, and so should you". A few had already begun bording up the windows, and I suspect there will be more of that over the next couple of days. The hotels have all been warned of what the police expect, and my boss explained to me that when the UK police say they're going to take you down, they mean it. So I'm a bit nervous about the whole thing.

Part of me wants to participate, but the rest of me just wants to go to sleep...


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