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Surreality just got Funky

We have quite a few characters in the hotel this week because of the Jazz Festival. It's kinda interesting because the range of people is outside of our normal business travellers, American Tourists and Spanish Tourgroups.

A terribly stereotypical British Rocker Type Person came down (in barefeet), holding a cell phone.

Him: You're probably going to find this really strange...

Me: You'd be surprised.

Him: Heh. Well, I just got a call from my friend on my cell, and he appears to be trapped in a stairwell somewhere in the hotel. But I can't find any stairs anywhere to help him.

Me: ... Yes, I can see how that would have happened. I'll send someone to get him right away. Do you happen to know which side of the hotel he's on.

Him: No, I'll just call him. *dials number, gets voice mail* "Look, you're trapped in a stairwell, what are you doing that you're too busy to answer the phone?"

Me: I don't think I'd want to know.

Him: Me neither.

Well, I found the whole thing funny. The man was eventually found (wandering in the fire stairs), and everyone was happy.


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