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The Drugs Don't Work

They have a nasty tendancy of playing the same CD obsessively at work, and I tend to get distracted and only catch parts of it. I have this song I barely know, "The Drugs Don't Work" stuck in my head right now, but only parts of it. On constant repeat. I am going mad.

Anyway. I wanted to blog about the Job Thingy.

After careful consideration I decided not to take the day job, which makes me feel terribly guilty (cuz my name is Anna Guilt Pearce. Don't let the L fool you), because all the actual direct advice I got (which was appreciated, don't get me wrong!) was to take the job. And it was good advice, for good reason.

But then I decided to discuss the issue at length (if by at length you mean 4 emails over the course of 30 minutes, only one of which had anything to do with the issue) with my best friend, who simply asked some very pointed questions about Long Term Goals And Stuff, and that was that. Being an experienced Night Auditor is something that will make it easier to get jobs night auditing at other hotels, and since I don't plan any permanent stays anywhere for the next few years, this seems like the type of job to "move" well.

Or so's the theory, at least.

It's been raining the past few days, which satisfies me on so many levels. It means it's cool, and it also means that Scotland is living up to its reputation of being all Rainy and Dank. (One of the ads on the buses here is 'It Scotland it rains 351 days of the year. By my calculation, we've had every sunny day we'll have this year since I got here. Bring on the rain!)

However, I've now damned myself with my coworkers due to this little gem.

Her: Dear god it's cold outside!

Me: No it's not.

Her: Yes it is! I had to wear a scarf today!

Me: Can you see your breath?

Her: No.

Me: Are the buses still running?

Her: Yes.

Me: It's not cold outside.

Her: Yes it is!


So, basically, I can *never ever* complain about it being cold in this country. But considering I remember winters where your eyelashes would freeze together if you closed your eyes too long, I don't think this will be a problem. (And these were less than 10 years ago...)

But, unrelated to that, I keep planning these little rants or comments or essays or somethings for my blog, start composing them in my head, and then something tends to happen among my circle of friends that makes posting it a Bad Idea, because I don't want anyone to think that I'm posting it about whatever is going on In Real Life. So I put it off for a while, other stuff comes up, I plan it out again, and something else happens that makes me decide to delay posting it.

Tomorrow I am planning on hanging out with the ORC people again, but there's a bus strike and I'm kinda leary on walking for an hour. Cuz I am lazy.


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