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Things I Learned On My Birthday, a list, by jo

Things I Learned on My Birthday, a list, by jo

1. They don't use shotglasses when pouring drinks here, and man, are they powerful.

2. When your workplace lets you go to a show of Scottish Stuff and says there is "free, unlimited wine", it's actually vinegar in an ugly bottle. Trust me.

3. Scottish dancing looks a lot like ballet.

4. Be careful who you point that out to, not everyone likes it.

5. At any one time, there are likely more Americans in this hotel than any other nationality.

6. Badly made haggis really does taste like buffalo.

7. Did I mention they don't use shotglasses when they measure the drinks here?

8. Deep Fat Fried Mars Bars are scary looking a national practical joke way too sweet but strangely addicting Really Really REALLY good! Honest!

9. You can have a really good time and still have enough busfare to get home.

10. Did I mention they didn't measure the rum?

All in all, it was a fun night, but I really want to shoot Kenny for saying I had to go to the Scottish Night Thingy Stuff, cuz damn, internationl floor shows do not interest me. But, it was free, the drinks were cheap (and really strong), and there were, in fact, cute boys in kilts.

No sheep, though. Will keep you posted on that front.


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So, if I wear a kilt will you love me? :D

If you liked the rum, dearest, you'll LOVE the scotch. Mmmm, scotch... (by the way, I will be visiting. I mean, they make scotch in Scotland! It's my favorite drink! It's about my *only* drink but that's because it's so good! :D)

*hug* Glad you had fun on your birthday, dearest. *big hug*

Rob, your loony American friend

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