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Updates and Ramblings

(In no particular order)

The Paycheque:

I continue to not be able to cash my paycheque, but I at least seem to be receiving them now, which is good. The amount deducted this time was different than the amount deducted last time, in some strangely arcane way. I don't understand where they get these numbers from.

But the fun part was when I went to the Post Office to cash the thing. (Post Offices in Edinburgh -- is there nothing they can't do?) Turns out my paycheque is what they call a "cross cheque" here. Written perpendicular across my name is "can only be deposited into the account of the receiver" or something similar. So I can't take it anywhere and get it cashed, I can only take it to the bank to deposit it into my non-existent bank account.

So I caved and got a cash advance this morning, because otherwise I would have been walking to work. It's so frustrating -- I have money, I just can't spend it. But, I have money now, and I'm doing much better.

The Flat:

To make a very long story short, I got a flat.

To make it a bit longer, I borrowed a great deal of money from a friend, who was gracious enough to agree that I could take a year to pay it back instead of the Incredibly Reasonable 6 months, as it was 6 months of rent, plus DD and the whole dealy. It ultimately came down to close to 9000$ CDN. I don't think I've ever seen that amount of money before, and I'm glad I wasn't carrying it around or I would definately have been murdered.

The flat is... beautiful. I've never deeply loved a place to much. I called the letting agent about 50 times in the week before things got sorted out with the money in order to make sure he wouldn't rent it to someone else. It's got that faux-hardwood flooring, huge window seats (window seats -- my childhood dream! *squee*), a lovely kitchen with the Tiniest Oven Evar, and it comes fully furnished. A lovely big bed (ah, so nice after staying in a hostel!), a lovely big dining room table, two lovely big couches in lovely colours, and lots of Really God Awful artwork. *wink* It's got the perfect setup for gaming, too, with the couches surrounding a large wooden box-like thing that doubles as the coffee table. It's hollow -- perfect for storing gaming stuffs. Not that I'm, you know, going to start gaming again. Totally not.


I have almost fallen out of the window twice now, because I keep forgetting it doesn't have a screen, and run to the window when I hear the ice cream truck coming. It does have a little guard thingy, but the windows open right up, and it would be very easy to fall out. Luckily, I've managed to prevent myself in time, but I still haven't managed to actually see the ice cream truck. The echoes in the neighbourhood are really strange, so it could be coming from anywhere.

It's nice and close to a major landmark (the Royal Britannia), which is nice when I'm getting lost on the way home.

The Bank Account:

So, you'd think having a signed and sealed flat lease in my hand would at least get rid of the problem with the bank account.

But it didn't.

According to the bank, it's the wrong kind of lease. I need a utility bill to get a bank account. Which is all fine and dandy except they bill quarterly, and I can't expect to see a utility bill for three months.

Plus, they don't accept mobile phone bills (makes sense) or internet bills (wtf?).

So, I went out to get a landline, and they'll be sending me something I can use. Plus, I'll have a net connection setup. With wireless! Yay! That will be in next week sometime, but I'm really worrying about the damned bank account. I'm collecting useless pieces of paper here.

(What confuses me the most is, my passport is good enough to get into the country, but apparently not good enough for anything else. Has anyone else had these problems when moving?)

I heard a horror story yesterday from Sharon, who moved here from Ireland. (And man, does she have a sexy accent. I want to move to Ireland. Lucky for me, it made the Short List of Places To Go.) It took her a year to get an account.


The Job:

I'd love to tell you what's going on at work, but once again, I can't for Actual Legal Reasons. Watch me turn into a more feminine version of Cam. *wink*

Seriously, my job is good. I'm bored, but that's really to be expected. It's night audit work. If you're good (which apparently I am, which always surprises me), you get things done quickly, which leaves you the rest of the night to stare blankly into space and curse yourself for forgetting a book to read. I've been writing postcards. Hopefully I will buy stamps tomorrow (with my illgotten cash advance) and be able to send them, but there's enough postcards that I could be broke again after that.

(I really need to break the postcard habit. I bought them before the money issue became so tense.)

Speaking of Postcards:

The Moose!

The moose came today! The moose came today!

I got a moose card in the mail from Super Kewl People in Edmonton. I'd link to everyone's blog, but quite a few people signed it. I felt special! Thanks to Laura for arranging it for me!

I couldn't get it out of my mailbox because of the sizing of it, so I had to ask the mailbox person to do that for me. He grinned, and told me he though it looked "adorable with it's little head sticking out of all the mail this morning."

For the various people who offered to mail themselves here, I have a space for you to sleep now, so that will be cool. But don't mail yourself to my post office box, because I only get in there every couple of days.

And Crash: I have already begun looking for a kilt for you, better have my reward ready!

My Thoughts About Scotland:

I love it here.


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Wow. That took less time than I thought it would. Hee.

Moose mail. Most amusing mental image ever. Glad you liked it. And it was only three days late!

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