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Works in Theory...

So, about two hours after my last entry about how everything was all quiet, my manager was sporting a black eye and a back bruised so badly he had to take pain killers just to function for the rest of the night.

However, to paraphrase a friend, I can't elaborate for actual legal reasons.

But I will say that it had nothing to do with all the marching around here.

I slept through the rioting today, but some of the girls at the hostel work not too far from it, and told me it was chaos. The police weren't letting anyone leave without getting their particulars (so a friend jumped the fence around the Princes Street Garden), and at least one building was in total lock down during the workday. I still am not sure what was going on, but I will say it was something to do with anarchists. (Dear Kris, thinking of you, hugs and kisses, Anna.)

And, unrelated to that, I may have found a flat.

This is not the good news it looks like on paper.

See, there are two ways of getting a flat in Edinburgh, and both require jumping through many very high hoops.

Way One means getting letters of reference from:
- your current employer
- your bank
- your former landlord
- a character reference

For everyone living with you.

In order to get a bank account, I need:

- proof of living in Edinburgh, which means a bill for power or a flat contract in my name.

I'm assuming you see the problem there.

Way Two involves paying six months rent up front. Which is about 4000 £ or 8000 $CDN. Let me just look in my wallet here....

Looks like hostel living for at least the next little while. But work pays weekly, and it is enough for rent on a flat, or getting a flat share, or even just staying in the hostel for the summer. There are options, I'm just not liking them as much as the lovely flat on the Leithe Shore that I fell in love with. (C'mon, it's a renovated whisky storehouse! It should come with a free bottle of whisky every month!)


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Dammit! I want a free bottle of whiskey every month. I would, however, settle with a free bottle of Kaluha instead. I'm not picky.

Best of luck!

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