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Care Package

If, for some reason, you wanted to send me a care package, I think I'd ask for juice mix.

Or, you know, those red packages of chai tea you can get at the supermarket. But mostly juice mix.

They don't have juice mix here, at least not the powdered stuff, and everyone stares at me like I've grown an extra head when I ask for. I understand that they do have concentrate here, but not frozen stuff, and that just strikes me as odd for some reason. I mean, doesn't it go bad or something?

So, yeah, of all the things to miss, I miss strangely coloured powders that turn into something when you add water to them. Occasionally, I am very strange.

(However, if you really did want to send me a care package, I think I'd ask for the Nestea Iced Tea mix, which I mention here so I don't forget the next time someone asks if there's anything I need.)

I have more I wanted to say, about planning and Paris and how work is making me wish I could afford to drink right now, but I'll just end it here. But one more work shift till Paris. I might start counting the hours.


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